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Bootcamp Kizomba Fusion o.l.v. Kevin & Olga
Bootcamp Kizomba Fusion Intermediate
Aanvang     : 14.00 tot 17.00 uur
Niveau       : Vanaf intermediate 1
Docent       : Kevin & Olga
Kosten       : €35,- p.p. / koppels €65,- / earlybird €30,- p.p.
Betaling (1) : Earlybird voor 24 maart met korting via bank of contant
Betaling (2) : Contant of pinnen voor aanvang bootcamp

Inschrijving kan ook bij locatie contant of pinnen vanaf 13.30 uur.
Olga & Kevin
We are Olga and Kevin, creators of an O&K Connection movement, a mission of which is to make this world a better place through the art of Dance. Our goals are to inspire people to dance, unleash talent, spark creativity, improve quality of life, and create a safe environment for everyone to express self through dance. Our core values are passion for dance, emotional connection, experience for two, mutual respect within a strong dance community.

About Olga
People often ask if I did ballet dancing or ballroom dancing in the past, and get genuinely surprised by a negative answer – no, neither of them :) The truth is, both were my childhood dreams still waiting realization :) My dancing life began when I was 20, still living in the south of Russia, where salsa and other social latin dances just started booming. A renowned dance school Salsa Cubana (Krasnodar) became my second home for quite some time: cuban salsa, bachata, merengue, cha-cha, reggaeton – I learned with hunger all the school had to offer, building a solid dance foundation, including key partner dance techniques, lady styling, and dance ethics. As a dance scene developed, I gradually discovered Argentinian tango and let it absorb me for a while too. A dance club Recuerdo (Krasnodar) with its professional rhythmic gymnastics teacher Elena gave me a whole new perspective on leading-following techniques and emotional connection in dance. A very challenging and critical experience for my dance growth. Brazilian zouk entered my life a few years later when I was already living in Germany. Munich Latin Dance Academy and its founder Joanna Zwierzynska – an internationally renowned dance teacher and choreographer – taught me how to dance with a full body potential and improvise, not just copying steps. It was in my late twenties that I got introduced to a world of kizomba where I belong ever since!.. Changing dance schools in Germany and Poland, such as Circulo (Munich), Fabryca Tańca (Bydgoszcz), I learned to dance kizomba basics with confidence and flair. Due to constant movings within Europe, my further kizomba development and education happened primarily at various international festivals – Paris, London, Milan, Budapest – you name them. It was not until June 10, 2016 that I realized that kizomba was not just a new dance passion of mine. It was a way to meet my future life partner – Kevin. KizzAfro (Moscow) was destined to be a place to connect two dancing souls in one and set them on a way of sharing their love for dance (and each other) with the world!

About Kevin
I would describe my dance style a sensual, flowy and musical and most importantly, I always smile and have fun! As a child of very musical parents, I started playing drums at the age of 9. I have played in several bands in the past but the band Fearless I consider to be the biggest milestone in my musical life. With this caribbean style focused band I have toured all over the Netherlands to perform. The musicality I find in my dance is a direct result of my rich musical past. I started with salsa at the age of twenty, inspired by my sister and her partner. I attended several courses in the Netherlands. During this period I also learned how to dance bachata. In my late twenties I joined the salsa showteam ViP Dance and trained over half a year extensively in this team. But then kizomba crossed my path… sweeping me off my feet and changing my passion for dance for good. I found that within kizomba I can give even more of myself, more energy, more connection, more creativity, more musicality. I started taking classes and I grew really fast, I wanted to learn all about the dance. Which lead to the opportunity to join a taxi team the Casanova Taxidancers. With this team I have been to many European countries to dance. In June 2016 I attended the KizzAfro Festival in Moscow, Russia. At this festival I was swept off my feet again, but this time because of a different reason. I met Olga. The beauty, graciousness and positive glow of hers infatuated me within seconds. The connection we found on the dancefloor we also found in life, chasing our dreams together. After KizzAfro 2016 I started taking classes at Castle of Dance of the world champion of Africa Dancar 2016, Chamalo Koueloukouenda. I found in Chamalo a great mentor and a role model who pushes me with every class. The passion for kizomba began to grow more and more, which has lead to the wish to start sharing this beautiful dance

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